Atıksu Arıtma ve Geri Kazanım Sistemleri


WATERLAND food to a large number of turnkey design and installation works of industrial wastewater treatment plants, pharmaceutical, textile, chemical, paper, automotive and other industries successfully realized. WATERLAND also been found by putting establish recycling plants for industrial waste water containing the high pollution and economic profitability has provided a major contribution to the protection of both clean water supply. Physical for the treatment of industrial wastewater, chemical, you may need to use one or more of the biological and advanced treatment process. WATERLAND with the latest technology that uses specialized personnel and continues to offer the most appropriate treatment solutions.



WATERLAND Package and Concrete type of treatment of domestic wastewater treatment systems as a turnkey installation services and also successfully carry out the operation of facilities outside their home and abroad. Wastewater, the legal standards after purification by biological methods is discharged into receiving waters. These systems, which are designed with the latest technology, PLC automation, noiseless, low space and energy requirements, which stands out with odorless, non-employee waste sludge problems and advantages. While providing a guarantee that the standards of treatment plant effluent, which was established WATERLAND offers together with the equipment and services of-service guarantees.



Quantity, quality and resource Atıksular boost depending on irrigation, car washing or it can be used again in the industry.
WATERLAND superior technology wastewater recycling systems, wastewater membrane filtration (.01μf/UF/RO), ultraviolet and eOXI allows to use again with disinfection.
WATERLAND, industrial wastewater as recycling systems produced for the sink, washing and shower water by purifying the wastewater are also considered, such as grey water recycling has proven, by providing environmental sensitivity.
This type of water purification of the latest technology and mostly preferred for MBR (membrane Bio reactor) systems. MBR systems, classical activated sludge systems is enhanced by adding a membrane filtration treatment method. Wastewater into the wreck, or external-type that can be used as a micron filtration filtration modules 0.02. In this way, the absence of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, blur resolved BOİ, AKM and Colani Nitrogen values desired standards, very good quality and absolute, is based on a water purified and ready to use again.
Hotels, Hospitals, Laundries, agricultural and landscape irrigation, Recreational pond systems, garbage leachate in wastewater containing high nitrogen and gray water recycling systems nowadays for the most preferred.