Ultraviolet Systems

Ultraviolet Systems



Disinfection with ultraviolet radiation is used to remove microorganisms without adding a chemical or an oxidant to the water. The system produces short UV waves using a low pressurized mercury lamp to eliminate bacteria, protozoa, virus, mold, fungi, algae and their offspring.

The operating principle is to demolish DNA and RNA structures of microorganisms while the contaminated water is flowing through the stainless steel bed covering the lamp.

Advantages of UV Disinfection : Low operating costs,Low exposure time,Tasteless and Odorless,No addition of chemicals in the water

Application Areas

  • Disinfection of drinking water of residential areas and hotels, hospitals and restaurants, civil and military camps

  • Disinfection of service water of textile and automotive factories and various industries

  • Disinfection of swimming pools

  • Metal Industry and mining operations

Ultraviolet Systems