Ultrafiltration System

Ultrafiltration (UF) modules has a pore size of 0,02 micron, therefore particles larger than this pore size is removed by the UF membrane, including viruses and bacteria. Ultrafiltration Systems are perfect treatment method for SS (Suspended solids), TOC (Total organic carbon), turbidity, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms without causing any change in chemical characteristic of the water. With high performance and treatment efficiency UF systems are more compact. The system capacity might be easily upgraded in UF systems. UF modules are mounted vertically. In WATERLAND’s designs all backwashes and chemical cleanings are done automatically.  Besides surface water treatment, UF systems can be used to treat output of conventional biological wastewater treatment units before feeding them to RO’ s and has great importance in wastewater recycling systems. UF systems are also used in sea water RO systems as pre-treatment, in beverage industry as disinfection unit because of its reliability, in food industry, in natural water bottling factories, in indirect disinfection of water and in many special processes. They play a significant role in special designs of wastewater recovery systems, also in MBR rooted water recovery processes

Advantages Of Ultrafiltration Systems vs Conventional Filtration

  • Less area needed
  • Flexible system design
  • Less running cost

Standard Technical Specifications

  • Vertical UF membrane module
  • Stainless Steel chemical cleaning pump
  • Automatic chemical and backwash units
  • Electrical actuator valves
  • Manometers
  • Pressure transmitter for pressure difference control
  • Control panel with PLC
  • Skid Stainless Steel / Epoxy coated ST 37 Carbon steel

Area of application: Water bottling factories, Greenhouse and dewatering, Textile Industry, Residential areas, drinking water facilities, Hotel, Camping, School, Boiler feed water, Waste water recycling, Other industrial facilities