Ultrafiltration System


General industrial and residential water treatment maximum 0.02 microns in UF por collaborate, point of view. UF por diameter large particles (bacteria and viruses) is a complete barrier. Ultrafiltration systems blur, AKM (solid models), TOC (total organic carbon), bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms at the chemical structure of the water without causing any change in an excellent filtration capability. High treatment efficiency and precise treatment thanks to UF systems more compact to rate my site. Ultrafiltration modules mounting vertically. Capacity expansion of the system by adding the module at any time at covering quite practical. Log back into the system automatically with CEB and automation. UF ultrafiltration modules, next to the excellent filtration of surface water, the output of conventional biological and chemical treatment of water, reverse osmosis systems allow beslenebilmesine and wastewater recycling project and an important place in seawater has been used quite a lot in the front of the system by osmosis treatment. UF systems also sea water treatment, food industry and beverage processes, natural drinking water preparation plants, bacteria and disinfection of water is indirect and a very special process has been used with success. Waste water recycling and specially designed for the MBR processes aimed to win back the water originated the system of blood vessels.

Areas of applicatio : Water Filling Plants, Irrigation and Greenhouses, Plants Tekstil, Drinking Water Plant City Hotel, Camping, School, Boiler Feed Water Preparation, Water Recycling Systems, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Other Industrial Processes

Standard Specifications

  • Vertical type membrane module

  • The membranes 4 ‘or 8’ ‘diameter

  • Stainless steel backwash pump

  • Chemical cleaning – backwash units

  • Electrical actuated valves

  • Manometer

  • Differential pressure control pressure transmitters

  • PLC-based control unit and operator panel

  • Carbon steel ST37 / AISI 304 SS frame

Benefits of Ultrafiltration Systems

  • More cost-effective treatment building construction,

    Excellent solution in cases where there is enough space Flexible system design,

    Low operating cost, flexible operating system design,

    Low-cost capacity increase