River Water Treatment System

River Water Treatment System

River water treatment systems, using water of the River-was designed to be converted to surface water systems. For with the treated water to become drinkable, the continuation of the unit reverse osmosis units. Experiencing downtime of more water intensive as Iraq and the Middle East has been used in this treatment systems, in order to allow the relocation also designed and manufactured mobile container. The transfer and easy establishment of units, economical and easy to run and therefore can benefit from residential area of surface water by preferred.


Units can be produced in various capacities, using a village and a military camp or even drinking water without interruption. Optionally used in the system can be designed as sand filters redundant. Also used in valve system is the possibility of automatic valves with manual intervention. The resort used pipes according to customer demand, PVC/stainless/galvanised dipped.


Located in settling your single lamella in the disassembled again when the time is right, rather than maintenance the pluggable. Precipitation can be observed of the pool tanks mounted on the walking trails.

Areas of applicatio : The factory established in the river and deniz kenar, hotels, harbors and potable water problems living in residential area

Standard Specifications

  • Epoxy coated carbon steel ST37

  • GRP / PVC-material lamellas

  • Alum dosage unit

  • Fast and slow mixing unit

  • Stainless steel mixers

  • 60 cm walkway and stairs

  • Conical base for the settling unit

  • Purified water tank

  • Automatically controlled sand filter

  • Control Panel

  • Liquid / Gas chlorination unit (optional)

  • Electromagnetic flowmeters

River Water Treatment System