Reverse Osmosis System


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Reverse osmosis is the most unwanted minerals in the water with the general definition (anion and cation ions) separates from the water, pure water and drinking water supply is used for membrane filtration process.


Our company according to the character of the water membrane design using the program according to the project design and project manufacturing process.


Reverse osmosis systems, laboratories, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, production of battery packs, dialysis centers, photography industry, battery industry, ice making, metal coating, hemodialysis, biomedical applications, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverage industry, glass industry, electronic industry, textile industry, oil industry, hospitals and business water is applied in the production of better quality drinking water. Recently a very dirty waste water treatment (vegetable oil industry, waste storage area such as leachate and textile waste water) and acquiring the back of some metal and metal industries in the concentrated fruit juice, acetic acid, phosphoric acid, tomato paste-like substances have been used to obtain as concentrate. According to the source of raw water reverse osmosis plants for brackish water and seawater reverse osmosis systems as divided.


According to the source of raw water reverse osmosis plants for brackish water and seawater reverse osmosis systems as divided.

1. Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

Well water reverse osmosis systems, lakes, rivers, groundwater, surface water, such as in brackish or brackish water are best suited for making potable and available.

Waterland strong and dynamic team of well water reverse osmosis systems with flexible design modularity and package structure, Turkey and carry out the manufacturing and installation process of the fastest in the world. Water bottling plants, hospitals, hotels, greenhouses and agricultural irrigation, boiler feed water, laboratories, effective as of the plant are used in the preparation of process water.

2. Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

TDS value of 35,000 mg / l is above the water has high salinity (sea water) and purification are described as sea water reverse osmosis systems in these waters are used.

Seawater reverse osmosis systems, insufficient water resources, sea water is used for business and residential use as needed. High-capacity enterprises, power plants, hotels, municipalities and water needs, which are designed more for all types of organizations. In sea water reverse osmosis model is the high power consumption are concerned, may provide energy savings for businesses are designed by using the process according to the energy recovery system back.

Energy Recovery System

The pump system used in seawater reverse osmosis system, saltwater and should be suitable for water treatment applications such as desalination of seawater.

Desalination thanks to the special design must be suitable to withstand all wetted parts deniz suy. For example, contacting seawater pump that all materials must be made of stainless steel 904L or duplex. Also contact materials with water at the pressure transducer, it must be made of duplex stainless steel and ceramic.

Energy recovery pump system consists of the following: high pressure feed pump pressure transducer High-quality stainless steel high-pressure circulation pump Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Application Areas saltwater and compared to desalinate deniz suy Features and benefits with conventional systems 60%

Areas of applicatio : Water Filling Plants, Irrigation and Greenhouses, Textile Factory, City Drinking Water Facility, Hotel, Camping, School Boiler Feed Water Preparation, Water Recycling Systems, Other Industrial Processes

Standard Specifications

  • Stainless steel or FRP membrane sheath

  • The membranes 4 ‘or 8’ ‘diameter

  • Vertical multistage centrifugal high-pressure pump

  • 5 micron cartridge filter

  • Antiscalant dosage pump

  • High and low pressure pipes: U-PVC / Zonder AISI 304-316 – 316Ti stainless steel

  • Automatic valves are solenoid / valve electric actuator

  • High and low pressure switch

  • Ürün suyu ve atık debimetreleri

  • Glycerine manometers

  • Ürün suyu iletkenlik ölçer

  • Automatic flush line

  • RO control panel

  • 380V/50Hz/3ph

Reverse Osmosis Systems