HYDRODIS R 859 Antiskalant


HYDRODIS R 859 ANTISCALANT, Is the only non-equivalent product in the world that prevents 100% blockage of membranes in reverse osmosis systems. The perfect dispersion the power of thanks to defloculant as the performence . So that the solid particles in the water flow of providing suspended colloidal particles much better homogoneous as the distribution of provides.


It has been proven that sea water, well water and river water reverse osmosis systems achieve 75% to 90% of high silica and iron removal. Due to this success, membrane washing is not required in installations using HYDRODIS R 859 ANTISCALANT. The low-dosing HYDRODIS R 859 ANTISCALANT is economical at the same time.

Areas of applicatio : Water Filling Plants, Irrigation and Greenhouses, Textile Factory, City Drinking Water Facility, Hotel, Camping, School Boiler Feed Water Preparation, Water Recycling Systems, Other Industrial Processes




Antiscalant, is a chemical that is dosed prior to the introduction of reverse osmosis membranes into the water from the pre-treatment. Prevents calcium (Ca++), magnesium (Mg++) and bicarbonate (HCO3) ions from entering the reaction and prevents formation of precipitates in the membranes.

Antiscalant, prevents formation which may cause blockage on the reverse osmosis membrane and may cause infertility and accumulation. The longer the life of your membrane, the cleaner membrane  surface is provided.




The antiscalant /dispergator properties developed for the reverse osmosis system. Thus preventing crust formation and allowing the colloidal particles to remain in dispersion.

Hydrodis R 859 reduces the risk of crust formation and eliminates the use of hazardous acid. At the same time it ensures efficient plant operation and optimum conversion rate.

HYDRODIS R 859 Antiskalant

ADVANTAGES : *The need for sulfuric asid and hydrochloric acid is reduced and the risks associated with the use of these chemicals are reduced.
*Low operating cost, low cleaning and maintenance cost.
*Highly effective antiscalant for very wide water spectrum.
*Reduce membrane cleaning processes.
* Our chemicals have been tested on Dow, Hydranautics. Koch, Filmtech,GE, Vontron, Nanotech brand reverse osmosis membranes.
*Our products are manufactured in accordance with food safety and drinking water quality standards.
*Higher recovery in reverse osmosis system
*HYDRODIS R 859, performence is exhibited at very low dossages in different feeding waters and different pH ranges.
*Due to this success, membrane washing is not required in installations using hydrodis
*Dosing amount max 1.2 ppm 100% and is economics
*The longer the life of your membrane is provided, the cleaner membrane surface is provided.

HYDRODIS Reverse Osmosis Antiskalant

PERFORMANCE DATA : Treshold Effect

The first important difference between HYDRODIS and traditional phosphonates lies in the absence of the turbidity zone. While the efficiency of the products at threshold level remains unchanged, the phosphonate-cation precipitation is no longer observed increasing observed on increasing the salt and phosphonate concentration.







Performance Data

HYDRODIS R 859 Antiskalant

Treshhold Effect