Filtration Systems


Sand Filter; Located in the water used to keep pending additives is a filtration method. Sand filters in the water causes turbidity and sediment and particles are used to refine. Tanks in the filtration stage quartz and anthracite mineral. According to the water pollution through optimal migration speed of minerals are becoming free from sediment filtered water. Sand filter is an important part of the water treatment system. Municipal and industrial water purification systems drinking and self after the treatment units and units to maintain work more effectively.


In addition, wastewater treatment systems in order to provide criteria for the irrigation water treatment system is also used in the output.


Activated Carbon Filter; Granular activated carbon (GAC), the drinking and usage water, smell and taste of the dissolved organic molecules at frequently used. Underground water in total organic halogen (TOX) and chloroform, tetrakloroetilen and trikloretile are the adsorplan I go organic halogen (REVEALING AOX) can be used in.


Activated carbon filter drinking water for domestic and industrial wastewater treatment systems to protect himself after treatment units and these units work more effectively. Activated carbon has an important place in wastewater treatment. Total organic halogens, biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen requirement (COD) plays a role in the decrease. Also swimming pools found in the levels of chloramine residual ozone in removing and kontrölü can be used. Filter tanks, FRP, carbon steel ST37 Epoxy painted or AISI 304/316 stainless steel option is offered with our special certificate with both horizontally and vertically.


The reverse is done with water and washing process temporal difference depending on the pressure of the streak/conveys automatically or manually. Depending on the capacity of the automation system capable of automatic backwash valves are provided with either with the help of the valve.

Areas of applicatio : Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration systems, pre-filtration, river, sea, brackish water filtration, water irrigation and greenhouses, swimming pool, hotels and tourist facilities in

Standard Technical Specifications

  • Corrosion resistant FRP (fiber-wound) body

  • ST37 carbon steel

  • AISI 304/316 stainless steel

  • Programmable automatic valve

  • Flow or time-controlled

  • High and low pressure pipes: U-PVC / Zonder AISI 304-316 – 316Ti stainless steel

  • Automatic backwash time adjuster

  • 3-6 bar çalışma basıncı

  • Max. 10 bar test pressure

  • Max. 40 C operating temperature

Filtration Systems