Mobile reverse osmosis systems are mostly preferred in businesses with lack of space due to the ease of transport and no extra space required. These systems are favorable not only because of the simple installation and start up but also operation and maintenance advantages. Container osmosis systems are ready systems that are mounted in the container including all the mechanical and electrical installations, ready to start. By only connecting the water inlet and outlets, these mobile systems can be placed anywhere and then transported at any time. Excluding the water treatment system, heat isolation, air condition and lighting installations are also arranged.

Standard Specifications: Stainless steel or FRP membrane sheath, Membranes 4“or 8 diameter, Vertical multistage centrifugal high-pressure pump, cartridge filter, Antiscalant dosage pump, High and low pressure pipes: U-PVC / Zonder, Automatic valves are solenoid / valve electric actuator, pressure switches, conductivity meter, manometers, Air-conditioning, lighting and insulated 20 ft /40 ft Container, Automatic flushline, RO control panel, 380V/50Hz/3ph.

Area of aplication: Factories, Hotels, Ports, any type of residential area which is close to a surface water source.

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