Container Reverse Osmosis System






Container Type reverse osmosis systems; In businesses with space limitations, as is usually preferred for ease of shipping and extra building needs to be heard. Besides the ease of installation and operation and maintenance advantages commissioning it is also available.

Container Type reverse osmosis systems; Mounting in a container made of all equipment associated with the purification system, which are drawn and ready to receive the mechanical and electrical circuit system.

Only input-output and the waste water entering the line, capable of assembling and dismantling the desired location are mobile systems that can be inserted elsewhere. outside the treatment system; thermal insulation, air conditioning and lighting installation is done.



Areas of applicatio : Water Filling Plants, Irrigation and Greenhouses, Textile Factory, City Drinking Water Facility, Hotel, Camping, School, Boiler Feed Water Preparation, Water Recycling Systems, Other Industrial Processes

Standard Specifications

  • Stainless steel or FRP membrane sheath

  • Membranes 4 “or 8” diameter

  • Vertical multistage centrifugal high-pressure pump

  • 5 micron cartridge filter

  • Antiscalant dosage pump

  • High and low pressure pipes: U-PVC / Zonder

  • Automatic valves are solenoid / valve electric actuator

  • AISI 304 – 316 – 316 T paslanmaz çelik

  • Automatic valves selonid / electric actuator valve

  • High and low pressure switch

  • Product water conductivity meter

  • Glycerine manometers

  • Air-conditioning, lighting and insulated 20 ft / 40 ft Container

  • Automatic flush line

  • RO control panel

  • 380 V/50Hz/3ph

Container Type Reverse Osmosis Systems